Swift Response Services

Do you have a legal query and cannot wait for an appointment with a Lawyer? No problem. Access our swift response service and ask the question. If we can answer it and guide you we shall do so swiftly at a small fee. It's legal advice now and when you need it … no waiting.

To access simply :

  • 1. Type your question and contact details in the form below and click submit. Don't make your question too broad – this service is for immediate and preliminary guidance so that you are best informed as to options and what to do next.

  • 2. Enter your payment details: It'll cost you INR 2500 for an answer within 24 hours whatever time you submit the question

  • 3. Within the time you have selected one of our experienced lAWYER will email you an answer. If we fail to answer you get your money back immediately. Make sure to check your junk mail if we are not in your address book.


  • Current Account No. : 601520110000479,

  • Bank of India, Branch : Shahdra, G.T. Road New delhi-110032

  • IFSC Code: BKID0006015